Your Best and Brightest New Hires

Use the Institute as an incentive to recruit new hires! With the commitment contract* option, you'll be guaranteed each energetic teacher you select will stick with your school through the dreaded one to three-year period in which 44% of all novice teachers leave schools or leave the profession entirely!


Teachers in Hard-to-Fill Subject Areas

Offer the Institute as an extra reward for teacher commitments in hard-to-fill subject areas. Math, science, and foreign language teachers will relish an opportunity to spend time in the home of Paulus Geometrus (Paolo il Geometra, "Paul the Geometer"), Leonardo da Vinci (the great inventor), and Galileo Galilei!


The "Could Retire but Still Have that Fire" Teachers

An experienced teacher who knows the culture of your school is a jewel beyond measure! Use the Institute as a reward for committing to keep these priceless employees in their classrooms a few more years! Or, use the Institute to acknowledge teachers who have reached milestone levels of devotion to your school -- 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?


The Classroom Rockstars

In every school, there are one or two teachers who just have a little extra spark! Any student or good principal can name them immediately. Reward those who go the extra mile to create student achievement and a positive school culture, and encourage others to replicate the ways of these superstars. The Institute will recognize and enhance their skills and their confidence to become greater faculty leaders.


Teachers in Challenging Schools or Assignments

Use the Institute to motivate teachers to commit to challenging schools or difficult assignments, or use the Institute to help encourage those good, steady workers whose passion for teaching has been dampened post-Covid. Conversely, you can use the Institute to reward teachers in a high-performing department in your school or a high-performing school in your district!